The Belfast Flags of Hope

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Belfast flagsinstalled at St Patricks Boys school

Belfast flags installed at St Patricks Boys school

‘A marathon community art project and exhibition to raise the vibration for a brighter future.’   Raymond Watson, project organiser

‘This is just wonderful’.   Baroness May Blood

‘I look forward to the day when projects like this are happening all over Belfast’.  Tommy Holland, community worker,West Belfast

In April 2010 the Belfast Flags of Hope, as a Record setting project, was conceived and commenced.  The goal was to create at least 10,000 individual and beautiful art works to form a mass colourful portrayal of hopeful aspirations for a brighter future.  In August 2011 more than 10,000 art flags were completed and exhibited together on a line as bunting flags. There were no partisan or sectarian images in sight. The project used the west Belfast Peace Wall as a site specific outdoor gallery.  The site of the imposing concrete wall that is the ‘peaceline’ symbolises the divisions that the project hopes to help to heal. 

The project required thousands of people to voluntarily contribute their creative energy.  Without this mass input from all ages, genders and communities the project would not have happened. Since then the Belfast Flags project has been invited to many communities to demonstrate how to create Hope Flags. The goal is that the project might be implemented by communities across Northern Ireland. The Belfast Flags is a project that strives to focus on our common identity as human beings surviving in a world that has plenty to offer ourselves and our children.

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